Lately I have been hearing a lot about how dissatisfied Real Estate Agents have been after boosting several Facebook posts and not collecting any results.

And I realised that many were not aware of the difference between boosting and advertising. You see your intention makes all the difference. However, Facebook’s intention may be different from yours.

This is not a conspiracy. Let me explain.Β 

When you set up your Facebook Advertising you have a choice of 3 objectives. These are marketing objectives aka intentions. For example, engagement campaign’s intention is engagement. Often business owners boost their Facebook posts in the hope to help leads become sales without realising that a boost has an engagement intention. You literally get what you pay for. These small but crucial technical differences make or break your campaign.

If you have a case of confused advertising and have unsuccessfully tried to generate leads from Facebook, click below – I am running FREE strategy sessions at the moment would be honoured to take a look a what you are doing within your business Facebook Page.

FREE Strategy Session

If you wan’t to know how we can give you access to 1000’s of leads in your area today let me know and I will book in a time to give you a call!

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