You’ve got a great Facebook page, Instagram Page and you are posting on Twitter, so why aren’t you producing results? Getting cut through in the Digital Marketing world is not just about having a pretty page and having more “likes” than your competitors, its about so much more! We have put together out Top Tips on things that you can DIY to try and change the way your digital mediums are working for you.

Consider Content

Put yourself in your prospects shoes, would you want to constantly be seeing just sold and just listed posts in your news feed? Probably not. When trying to connect with your target audience through digital platforms, make sure you are posting content that is relevant to them and their lives at that current point in time. ย A great way to build your businesses profile in the area is to share other local businesses post and pages promoting them to your audience in the hope that they will reciprocate.


One of the primary reasons we use social media and digital marketing is to drive traffic back to our websites in order to generate business. When you are including a link back to your website in your posts make sure you know what the prospects ‘journey’ will be, making it as easy as possible to access the information that you are promoting. This also links back to making sure that your website is as mobile responsive as possible, more and more people are now accessing websites off their mobile devices than ever before.

Keep it fresh

By regularly updating your content across your social media platforms you will be seen to be active and up to date with the current happenings in your target area. A couple of blogs and social media posts sent out across all your digital platforms per week will keep your page updated and in the front of your audiences minds.

Try implementing our Digital Marketing and Social Mediaย tips and start seeing your engagement increaseย in no time at all.ย 

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