Over the coming months we will be interviewing Real Estate Agents from around Australia to see how they are utilising Digital Marketing within their business and where they see the industry heading over the next few years. Every agent is different and to gain perspective from market leaders is an amazing way to understand how the internet and digital age is changing the Real Estate Industry.

The first agent in our ‘Interview an Agent Series’ is Anthony Molinaro from Stockdale & Leggo Blackburn, he has been an agent for 8 years and is passionate about utilising digital mediums within his business, both to help it grow and to provide the highest possible results for his vendors. You can read more about how Anthony is using digital marketing and social media below;


Anthony Molinaro – stockdale & leggo

Do you currently utilise digital marketing within your business?

Yes we certainly do – Over the coming years digital marketing is one of the biggest tools and believe it will only get stronger.

Do you use it for property promotion or as a business branding tool?

We use digital marketing for both. It is great for the individual property to be exposed to more potential buyers and fellow homebuyers. Personal branding and community involvement is very important for our office. With digital marketing, it can be a great way to expose the brand and more importantly a more effective way of spreading for more eyes to see.

Apart from Real Estate & Domain.com do you utilise other forms of digital media within your business? 

We us Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We use Facebook marketing for the majority of our listings. When listed on Facebook we also incorporate a boosted package from $20 to $50 at the vendor’s expense. With marketing on Facebook, we have the resources to boost the property in a specific region. This gives us some flexibility to boost the property anywhere up to 20km from the property or our office.

Instagram is a great feeder to show internal photos. From having stylist furnish the property to showing off a kitchen, bathroom or pool it makes it appealing to the eye and people love seeing the key features that sell the house.

Youtube is a great tool for promoting media. We upload property tours, market updates and most to all of our auctions.

What has been your greatest success story through social media?

Not too long ago we had a property have over 3000 views on our Facebook page with very little outlay of money.

Most importantly we found out that the eventual purchaser had seen the property online and then having seen it again pop up on their Facebook page it reminded them of the property where they eventually came to the property again and purchased it!

Has your business been able to generate leads through digital marketing?

Yes – we are now finding that some interest has been generated from social media mainly. Online through audience maximiser on realestate.com.au has been another great tool for people to make initial contact with our office.

Where do you see the industry’s marketing heading over the next 3 years?

Personally, as sad as it may seem, I believe print media will soon be obsolete. Could very much so be within 3 years. Already these days’ people are wanting things instantly and easily accessible. Online and digital media make this happen. With technology only improving through 3D dimensions, live auction feeds and text messaging it’s never been easier to communicate with potential clients – and I can only imagine this improving. It would be easy to say, if you are yet to embrace technology and digital marketing, soon you will become extinct. Digital Marketing will only improve the industry for real estate agents, vendors and no doubt buyers.

What do you think will be Real Estate agents biggest marketing and lead generation tool in the coming years?

Personal branding will be the way of the future. Currently I have my own website www.anthony-molinaro.com

This I think is a must moving forward.

Agent profiles and points of difference including Youtube and Facebook is a smarter way and inexpensive way of marketing. I still believe local and community involvement is a must but with the digital and information age upon us people will be “googling” moving forward.

Word of mouth and repeat and referrals will always be the best source of business.

How do you believe that digital marketing has changed the way the industry operates since you have been in it?

Digital Marketing has provided a different platform and avenue to market. The ease now that the consumer can access information including properties, agent’s details have improved the industry immensely. Digital Marketing now exposes the product (whether it be a rental or sale) to millions of people at the click of a button and with smart phones it now is literally assessable in the consumers hand at any given time. The old days of advertising in the local paper and a for sale board being the only way to sell has long gone. Although these avenues still help, if you’re not on the digital marketing avenues you’re not best marketing the home or your services! In conclusion digital marketing has changed the way we sell, changed the way the buyer purchasers and even change the way the property is seen. All these are for the better. I can’t wait to see what else the future holds in the digital space of real estate.

For more information you can contact Anthony through his website or Facebook page.

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