What is involved in the design and build of the lead generation funnel?

After our initial consultation you will be sent an on-boarding document that outlines everything we need from you to get the funnel finalised. Once you have provided all the necessary information our team will build out your custom funnel, targeted audience and highly optimised Facebook campaign. Prior to going live we will send you through links to your customised funnel so you are able to approve it.

Where will the ads for my lead generation funnels show up?

Your ads will be on Facebook. But not just anyone’s Facebook – we’ll place you on the pages of customers who are in your target area and are your ideal prospects. You’ll be on their desktops, tablets and mobile devices

will you check on my facebook posts and answer customer questions?

We are always monitoring our clients campaigns to make sure they are highly optimised and functioning correctly. However, directly responding to your prospects questions is best done by you as you are the property and area specialist.

Can I see my ads on facebook?

We can show you what they look like, but if you’re an admin of your page (or ‘Like’ it), they probably won’t show up in your feed. That’s because Facebook can tell you’re not a potential customer. Instead the ads will appear in the feeds of those most likely to be interested in your business.