The simple answer to that question is Yes, however when you are utilising the power and reach of Facebook it is good to know what you are dealing with. When you set out to try and promote your property through Facebook there are a few key things that will increase your chance and the opportunities available to you.

With the unlimited reach that Facebook offers business owners these days there is so much potential for Real Estate Agents to utilise its power to make sure they are reaching as many potential buyers as possible.

The three best ways you can promote a property on Facebook are below:

  • Facebook Live – Facebook’s new tool allows you to walk through a property, live, and show the amazing benefits and features that potentially cannot be seen from still images. It will allow you to directly interact with potential buyers who are online at the time or if you were to organise a Facebook Live during a busy open home it can also allow you to create a sense of urgency showing the amount of competition there is on the property.
  • Facebook Video – Within Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm video is currently being more highly promoted and organically ranked than other forms of media. So by uploading a professionally edited property video you will be able to reach more potential buyers than before.
  • Facebook Advertising – As a Real Estate Agent you should know the general demographic of your area and the buyers that you are looking to reach. By promoting your property posts through Facebook Advertising you will be able to reach them directly and for a fraction of the cost of print advertising.

By correctly utilising the tools that Facebook has available to you, as a Real Estate Agent there is every possibility that you will be able to reach a particular buyer that may not have previously seen your property promotions in other forms of media. You might just have your top buyer waiting for you today!

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